Helping Reduce the Impact of Brexit on your Supply Chain

Brexit poses major uncertainty for the supply chains of many companies operating in the UK. However, we are convinced that companies can respond to the ongoing uncertainty by reinventing their supply chains—not just to protect against near-term disruption, but to deliver long-lasting improvements in resilience, flexibility, and bottom-line performance. It is set to make a high impact on the sector, due to the amount of cross-border travel. The most troublesome Brexit issues relevant to the industry are delays at ports, mandatory border checks and ability to process the required paperwork.

These issues are being tackled alongside increased costs to keep up with the technical innovation and increased customer satisfaction demands. The only way for logistics companies to stay ahead is to prepare for changes and the ability to adapt quickly to changing legislation, strengthening capabilities and talent and reviewing their own inventory build-up strategy. Challenges in the logistics industry are expected to increase in Brexit. A portion of the Brexit impact especially applicable to the area, and is supporting its clients to oversee, incorporate postponements at ports, compulsory border checks, accessibility of drivers and their capacity to work, and ability to deal with the required administrative work.

As a European company with more than two decades logistic experience, TMT Stockage can assist in offering new solutions to avoid additional costs at customs clearance handling after Brexit. We can transport your goods through Europe and globally at cost effective solutions. Our 200,000 sq. ft safe and secured custom bonded warehouse facilities ensures overcoming the shortcomings of Brexit and customising according to our client’s needs. Buying goods, importing and exporting from EU after Brexit has never been made easier.

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With decades of experience in global trade and supply chain logistics, TMT Stockage is here to help. We’ve collected resources and experts to guide you as you prepare your business, whatever the outcome.

  1. Strategic Partners
    TMT has representation through its own or strategic partners in every EU country all with similar capabilities helping to provide continuity of service.

  2. Custom Bonded Warehouse
    TMT-powered custom bonded warehousing allows your business to import goods into the UK, which are intended to be sold to UK, EU, or non-EU customers without incurring import duties when the goods arrive in the UK.

  3. Custom Clearance
    We have successfully created and executed Brexit solutions across both UK and EU markets, using the experience and knowledge of our dedicated pan-European customs teams.

  4. Warehousing, Storage & Distribution
    As a European company with more than two decades of logistic experience, the TMT Stockage network provides companies and shippers in all sectors with the right warehouse throughout Europe.

  5. Transportation
    TMT Stockage offers highly competitive transport and delivery services, through our network of reputable partners.

  6. Warehouse Management System
    TMT Stockage has chosen the state-of-the-art warehouse management system. It allows for fast and effective information sharing between your team and ours and allows you to efficiently maintain your stock.

  7. Logistics Solution
    Our expertise in working with all kinds of businesses over the years has enabled us to deliver highly competitive and robust logistics services, ideal for a broad range of different industries and applications.

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