A 3PL distribution revolution for fulfillment services.

By offering completely reinforced storage spaces TMT, a 3PL service provider company with food warehousing facilities, additionally gives clients a completely coordinated stock administration framework that assists with giving straightforward production network answers for clients. We offer 3PL logistic arrangements that range from pick, pack, mark and convey by means of messenger to dealing with crane offloads for project load. You can confide in us as a 3rd party logistics company built on trust to deal with your load with care.

What is 3PL (Third-Party Logistics)?

We are Third (3rd) Party Logistics (3PL) proposes and implements logistical reform under the prerequisite of outsourcing logistical tasks, and it could be said to be a form of business that subcontracts out work that has been constantly subject to repeated improvement. Basically, 3PL is thought to be a style of business in which logistics are planned, designed and operated by experienced third parties (including those who are the same as transportation companies) who take over the responsibilities of the freight owners in order to solve problems caused by conflicts of interest between freight owners and the transportation companies.

Type 3PL Business covers both asset-type 3PL and non-asset-type 3PL.
This provides one-stop support for customer requirements.


Companies with property and facilities that have accumulated know-how through the ownership of warehouses and delivery networks to a stage where they are able to suggest optimal logistics to customers. However, warehouse-related 3PL suppliers need to secure transportation and delivery functions. And, delivery-related 3PL suppliers need to establish tie-ups with warehouse suppliers.


Companies that do not own property or facilities. They optimize and suggest centers that can perform all tasks related to transportation and delivery networks, logistics processing and inventory control, as well as the information systems used for managing these tasks, to customers. Their business affairs are founded on the provision of know-how.